Top 10 recession proof businesses for you

Top 10 recession proof businesses for you

Recession proof businesses are less negatively impacted during a recession period because a recession proof business provides goods and services that people must have even in a recession period. Although usually businesses are negatively impacted by the recession, sometimes a recession proof business may experience in growth.

What is the recession?

A recession means a period of negative or very weak economic growth.

It is very important to define recession technically. When we technically define the recession, “it is the period of minimum two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth rate”. Here usually economic growth is determined by the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

But some well-reputed organizations have defined the recession differently. As an example, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), recession means a period of a minimum of more than a few consecutive months with significant economic decline.

When an economy with a recession, its aggregate production is declined or increases very slowly, and unemployment is increased significantly. Because the output level of the business organizations is decreased and then they have to lay off employees.

So, a recession is not a good period for almost business organization. But what to do? Should we postpone our business operations in recession and should we start our business after the recession? No that is not possible. To beat the recession, you can invest more in your recession proof business or start a business that is recession proof.

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What is a recession proof business?

A recession proof business is less negatively impacted during a recession period because a recession proof business provides goods and services that people must have even in a recession period. Although usually businesses are negatively impacted by the recession, sometimes a recession proof business may experience in growth.

Following are 10 top recession proof business ideas. You can refer the following list and check that whether you are doing a recession proof business or not. If not, you can start a recession proof business in the following list.

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Top 10 recession proof businesses

1. Healthcare businesses

People sick in both good economic periods and bad economic periods. Specially people sick more in bad economic periods. Because they worry about their economic situation and sick mentally and physically. So, it is very intelligent to invest more in healthcare businesses such as medical clinics, pharmacies.

2. Food and Beverages

People definitely need food to survive. We cannot live without food. So, even though there is an economic recession or economic expansion, we have to buy foods and beverages. As a result, the production of food and beverages is still one of the most secure industries throughout the recession. So you can invest your money on food and beverage businesses such as grocery stores, fast food, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and food delivery services.

However, individuals typically consume less food during tough situations, especially when avoiding more expensive foods. Therefore, there are even more options to meet consumer demand for inexpensive, healthful food products. The global market for Health and Wellness Foods is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2026.

3. Home repair and restoration business

Since the year 2020, home repair and restoration business is very popular. Because, people more tend to work from home since the COVID 19 pandemic. As of 2022, 26 percent of U.S. employees work from home. And by 2025, 36.2 million Americans are expected to go remote. So now home is a place many people spend more time within a day and they need a clean and upgrade their surroundings. Further within this economic recession, people have less money and they are not able to buy a new house. As results of these factors, people need more home repair and restoration service.

4. Automobile repair and maintenance industry

When people have less purchasing capacity in a recession, they forego purchasing luxury or new vehicles. So, many people repair and maintain their vehicles and run more kilometres. That’s why the automotive industry has proven to be historically recession proof. The industry is estimated to reach $1,237.49 billion in 2026 with a 10.3 percent growth rate.

5. Online reselling business

One of the business that can start without high initial investment is online retail business. You can resale goods and services such as luxury bags, clothes, and accessories via online selling platforms such as eBay, Poshmark and thredUP. In 2020, over 33 million people made their first pre-owned clothing purchases, according to Forbes. In the upcoming five years, it is expected that this sector will grow by double and reach $77 billion.

6. Child care business

During a recession period, people need more money as a result of decreasing their real income. So, people have to work more and they need the service of childcare to look after their children. So, there will be inelastic demand for the childcare business.

The child care sector, valued at $54.3 billion in 2019, is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027.

7. Online Freelance

If you have professional skills, online freelance also can be recognized as one of the business that can start without high initial investment. During the recession, some organization are not able to recruit the new employees and they may be downsizing and laying off employees. These organizations are more interested in to recruit freelance professionals.

So, if you have right skills, you can work on projects of different companies. This will expand your both income and experience.

There are very famous freelancing platforms such as,, These platforms meet clients and freelancers by charging a reasonable project fee.

 8. Budget Travel

 Traveling can relax our minds and add new experiences to our lives. But during this hard period, people cannot go on high-budget traveling plans. So, people are more interested in going on low-budget traveling plans. Budget travel is clearly an in-demand industry right now, especially with America’s increasingly remote-work flexibility. Even during challenging economic times, more than half of all Americans currently see leisure travel as an “important budget priority.”

So, if you can provide budget accommodation, food, and caravans, definitely it will be good business during the recession.

9. Mental health and fitness services

Since the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic, mental health of people has become worsen. Because, people have been suffering from CCOVID 19 pandemic, Russian Ukraine war, higher inflation, and unemployment. Since March 2020, anxiety and depression have become more common; in certain nations, they have almost doubled. In the middle of the pandemic, the global market for corporate wellness hit $70.1 billion.

So, the requirement of mental health and fitness services is increasing. This industry includes gyms and yoga studios wellness centers, teletherapy, and massage services. So, if you can invest in these types of businesses, you will win in the recession.

10. Water, electricity and gas businesses.

Today, it is not possible to live without the water, electricity, and gas utilities. So, this is a necessity good. As of 2022, the U.S. utilities industry market size is over $960 billion — and the global utilities market is expected to reach $8.10 trillion by 2026. So, during any economic situation, a utility business will be safe and it can be recognized as a recession proof business.

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